8 Everyday Habits That May Increase Your Risk Of Developing Dementia

Dementia can diminish your quality of life to the point where it wouldn’t be enjoyable even if you lived over a hundred, anyway. While dementia could have a lot to do with your genes, some sneaky habits can quickly push you towards it.

In today's video we’re talking about everyday habits that can increase your risk of dementia. How important is working out? Should you be having that glass of wine at dinner every day? Let's discuss all this and more.

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Intro – 0:00
Not exercising your brain – 00:31
Poor diet – 01:54
Not getting enough sleep – 03:38
Leading a sedentary life – 04:30
You had a brain injury in your past – 05:31
You are drinking too much of alcohol – 06:08
You are socially isolated – 06:48
You’re Not Visiting a Doctor or taking care of yourself – 07:35


1. Not exercising your brain
The way you live can actually have a huge impact on your brain health.

2. Poor diet
You literally lose everything when your memory goes. Dementia can interfere with your decision-making, thinking, and social abilities too.

3. Not getting enough sleep
When was the last time you clocked a good 8-9 hours of sleep and woke up feeling refreshed? Deep sleep can be the ultimate power cleanse for your brain.

4. Leading a sedentary life
Are you one of those people who won't run until they're being chased? Chances are you might develop a higher risk of dementia. It may start with simple things like forgetting where you put your keys and advance to a degree where you no longer recognize your loved ones.

5. You had a brain injury in your past
Any head injury in the past should be thoroughly checked. If you are prone to injuries, get your house re-furnished.

6. You are drinking too much of alcohol
Are you heading out for a cocktail party tonight? Just hear us out before you go all out on the booze.

7. You are socially isolated
Humans are social animals and being around your people can put you in a better mood. Some socially engaging activities can also support brain health.

8. You’re Not Visiting a Doctor or taking care of yourself.
There’s a lot to know when it comes to dementia, and we don’t have it totally figured out yet. But one proactive way you can stay ahead of it is if you’re going to the doctor when you need to and staying up with all your medication and health needs.

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