8 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Raw!

What’s the grossest food you’ve ever eaten? One time when I was a kid, I was over at my grandparents house, and my grandfather made me eat moose! The actual animal. While it was pretty unpleasant, at least it was cooked properly. If it was raw, it could have been a much different story.

There are some foods that just don’t taste good when uncooked. Let’s talk about it. How bad are potatoes? How about wild mushrooms? Are raw hotdogs really that bad? Wait, can some of these foods actually kill you? We’re talking all that AND more.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Hotdogs – 00:32
2. Milk – 1:40
3. Eggplant – 2:57
4. Wild Mushrooms – 3:35
5. Potatoes – 4:36
6. Bitter Almonds – 5:31
7. Lima Beans – 6:30
8. Kidney Beans – 7:02


1. Hotdogs
There’s sometimes nothing better than a dog fresh off the grill. If you’re a meat-lover that is. Just make sure that when you bite into the hotdog, it’s cooked. Eating raw hotdogs is terrible for you.

2. Milk
Wait, but how is milk raw? What does that mean exactly? No, I’m not talking about gross sour milk that’s been in your fridge longer than it should be. I mean milk fresh from a cow.

3. Eggplant
Be honest, how often do you really have eggplant? Well if you happen to eat it on the regular, just know that it isn’t good to have raw.

4. Wild Mushrooms
Sure mushrooms have a ton of fantastic health benefits. They fight against cancer, diabetes and heart disease. But eating them fresh after plucking is bad news for your health. They need to be heated in order to work.

5. Potatoes
People love potatoes. Just our french fry consumption alone says so. The thing is that potatoes need to be cooked in order to get the benefits. Not to mention enjoy the taste a whole lot more.

6. Bitter Almonds
It’s great to eat an almond from time to time. You often find yourself reaching for more. Regular almonds come in two varieties, sweet and bitter.

7. Lima Beans
I love me some lima beans! The only problem is they need to be cooked. When lima beans are eaten raw, they too will release hydrogen cyanide. This can put your life at risk.

8. Kidney beans
We don't mean to start a trend here, but kidney beans also shouldn't be eaten raw. When cooked, kidney beans are really healthy.

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