8 Reasons Why Sleeping On Your Back May Solve Your Sleep Issues

In this video, we’re gonna highlight why back sleeping is worth it. Can it reduce back pain? How about acne breakouts? We will discuss all this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Prevents Wrinkles and Lines – 00:30
Gets Rid of Tension Headaches – 01:22
Helps You Get Up Earlier – 02:54
You Breathe Easier – 03:30
No More Back & Neck Pain – 04:27
Less Sinus Congestion – 05:09
Less Puffiness – 06:04
Fewer Breakouts – 06:41


Prevents Wrinkles and Lines
Who knew the position you slept in could cause wrinkles and line? Let’s face it, we all get older. Wrinkles in our skin are something we’re going to deal with. But believe it or not, your sleeping position can stop this process from happening as quickly.

Gets Rid of Tension Headaches
Back sleeping relieves strain on your head the same way it does on your neck and spine. But before we learn about how back sleeping relieves headaches, let’s quickly analyze the significance behind this sleeping posture.

Helps You Get Up Earlier
Have you been waking up way too late? Has it affected your job? Well, good news! Sleeping on your back can help! When you're facing up while sleeping, you're more likely to detect variations in light. As soon as the sunshine enters your bedroom, you’ll see it’s time to wake up.

You Breathe Easier
The quality of breathing can be the difference between life and death. Sleeping on your stomach or side can reduce the amount of breathing room you have. The diaphragm is the breathing muscle. Squeezing the diaphragm causes your breathing to become shallow.

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