8 Reasons You Should Eat More Carrots

Plant-Based Diet Trends: Digging Down And Grabbing The Hype By Its Roots

Surely you've noticed that plant-based diets are currently all the rave and how celebrities seem to be jumping on the bandwagon left and right. But what is all the buzz really about? Is there anything behind the hype, or is it just a fad diet restricted to the world's elite? More importantly, what can this type of diet do for our weight loss goals as well as our overall health and well-being?

Medifast When You Sleep During The Day And Work At Night: Is It Possible?

I recently heard from a medical professional or worked the night shift regularly. She was interested in trying Medifast but she wasn't sure if it was going to be possible with her schedule. She didn't know if the plan was flexible enough to mix up the meals or to have the dinner at a time when most people are eating breakfast. I really didn't feel that she would have a problem. To demonstrate this, I came up with a sample schedule for someone who begins their work day at 11 pm and leaves work at 7am.

Taking Off 3 Days From NutriSystem: Would You Still Lose Weight?

I sometimes hear from people who want to try a more flexible form of NutriSystem. Many want to take meals or days off and they wonder if they will still lose weight. I heard from someone who wanted to take off every Friday through Sunday, but she worried if she would still see the results that she wanted. She asked, in part: “if I took three days off every week on NutriSystem, would I still lose weight? I want to take off every Friday and every weekend so that I can enjoy meals with my family. But would I still see results if I did this?” While it's impossible for me to see into the future or to definitively answer this question without knowing what this person was going to be eating on her three days off, I do have some thoughts on this, which I will share now.

Anabolic Diet and How It Works

We all want to become healthy. We all want to know if each program will work for us.

Three Best Weight Loss Programs Reviewed

The results are in, the votes have been tallied, and men with strange accents in white lab coats have spoken. Here are the top three weight loss programs of 2011.

What Exactly Is the Paleo Diet Program?

The paleo diet program has become popular recently thanks to the amount of beneficial results folks have had, where no other diet would work. The paleo diet is a form of a low-carb diet that is actually implemented as more of a way of living than a diet. It calls for dedication. It demands change. It yields results.

The Paleo Diet – Can We Really Be Healthy And Lose Weight By Eating Like Our Caveman Ancestors?

It seems there's always a new ‘superfood' we should be including in our meals, or yet another diet that will help the weight to simply fall off. One diet that has received a lot of attention recently is the Paleo Diet, even though it was first introduced in the 70's, and is based on foods we were supposed to have eaten many thousands of years ago. But, can going back to the diet supposedly enjoyed by our caveman ancestors really be a healthier alternative? Will turning our back on thousands of years of development in the way we grow, prepare and eat food really help us to lose weight and lessen the risk of disease?

2010 Dietary Guidelines Recommends Mediterranean Diet

On January 31, 2011 the US Department of Agriculture and The Department of Health and Human Services released the 2010 dietary guidelines. This was the seventh version of the document based upon cutting edge research into health and diet. The guidelines recommended adopting a traditional Mediterranean style diet in order to optimize health. Find out more here.

Making a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle is very important to us. This is an introduction on how to get that ideal body and lifestyle you always dream to have.

What If I Fail On Medifast? Tips To Ease These Fears

I sometimes hear from folks who are interested in the Medifast diet, but who have their doubts about it. Some common comments are things like: “what if I am the exception to the rule and Medifast doesn't work for me?” Or “what if I'm one of those few people who don't lose any weight at all on the diet? What if it's a complete failure and waste of time? What if I actually gain weight?” These are actually very common concerns. I had the same type of thoughts also. No one wants to waste their time or look around and see every one else's success while they themselves aren't enjoying any success or weight loss of their own.

Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits

The Mediterranean Diet is touted as one of the most healthy in the world. It has many health benefits which make it the envy of the western world including lower mortality rates from diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes along with some you may not suspect. Find out more here.

Fluid Retention Diet

What is a fluid retention diet? This is a diet that is specifically created and engineered to help those suffering from edema or water retention that is dietary-related. This distinction is necessary as some cases of fluid retention are caused by other problems and issues that are not necessarily related to the diet, and those suffering from such diseases and conditions need to seek professional help for them.

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