8 Signs Of An Unhealthy Bladder You Can’t Ignore

How’s your bladder feeling these days? I know it’s weird to ask, but you need to consider the health of all organs. Especially during these trying times. While the average age for people with bladder cancer is 55 and older, your bladder can still be unhealthy. Let’s talk about 8 Signs of an Unhealthy Bladder You Can’t Ignore.

Is it bad if I can’t hold my urine? How about if I keep waking up to go to the bathroom? How serious is a change in color? Wait, can your urine smell? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Smelly Urine – 00:31
2. Change In Color Of Urine – 01:41
3. Pain & Burning During Urination – 02:19
4. Waking Up At Night – 03:18
5. Cloudy Or Bloody Urine – 04:12
6. Fever – 05:27
7. Stomach And Back Pains – 06:03
8. Urinating More Than Usual – 06:59


1. Smelly Urine
I know, gross isn’t it? Well it can’t be more unpleasant than an unhealthy bladder. If your urine emits a foul odor every time you hit the toilet, this is a sign of a bad bladder.

2. Change In Color Of Urine
I’m not talking about blood. Believe me, that’s coming in a minute. This is something different. When your bladder is in trouble, you may see that the color is different. I’m talking about a darker tint. When you’re hydrated, your urine will look much clearer. Urine that comes out dark yellow normally implies dehydration.

3. Pain & Burning During Urination
If it burns while going #1, don’t take this lightly. While burning during urination can mean several things, one of the most common causes is a urinary tract infection.

4. Waking Up At Night
We’ve all done it from time to time. It can actually be kind of funny. But if you find yourself waking up multiple times in the middle of the night just to use the toilet, your bladder is telling you something. This is called nocturia.

5. Cloudy Or Bloody Urine
Prepare to be grossed out, folks. Have you ever been going to the bathroom only to discover a strange cloudiness to your urine? If not, pray you never do. While it could mean mild dehydration, which can resolve itself through drinking more water, it’s usually more serious than that.

6. Fever
While it is rare, signs of a bad bladder can come in the form of a fever. Not a terrible one that keeps you in bed for days. I’m talking about a subtle, low-grade fever.

7. Stomach And Back Pains
As you could imagine, a hurting bladder can cause pain in your stomach and mid region. Unlike a fever, this symptom is actually pretty standard.

8. Urinating More Than Usual
As a child, your parents probably warned you that “holding it in” can hurt your bladder. I mean sure, it’s not good. But this doesn’t mean you need to go to the bathroom every waking minute of the day. If you are running to relieve yourself more than usual, something is wrong.

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