8 Signs Your Intestines Are Unhealthy

How are your intestines doing? Most of you probably don’t ask yourself that question.Your intestines are long tubes that run from your stomach to your anus. They absorb water and nutrients from what you consume.

I know what you’re thinking, “Well, as long as I’m eating food, they’re satisfied.” WRONG. There’s so much more you need to know. Let’s talk about 8 Signs Your Intestines Are Unhealthy. Are you feeling bloated? What about diarrhea? Have you been losing weight like crazy? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Weight Loss – 00:25
2. Loss Of Appetite – 01:29
3. Bloating – 02:07
4. Diarrhea – 03:07
5. Vomiting – 03:59
6. Fatigue – 05:11
7. Joint Pain – 05:48
8. Brain Fog – 06:40


1. Weight Loss
Have you stepped on the scale lately? Did you notice a dramatic difference from the last time? While weight loss is caused by several different factors, falling intestines is one of them.

2. Loss Of Appetite
A bad digestive system can cause you to skip out on meals. Even your favorite ones. Abdominal pain and mental health go hand in hand.

3. Bloating
There are few bodily functions that provide the discomfort of stomach bloating. What makes it worse is that the causes of bloating seem endless.

4. Diarrhea
Now onto the really embarrassing stuff. I hate to break it to you, but diarrhea is yet another unpleasant feature of SIBO.

5. Vomiting
Your unhealthy intestines can bring on seven vomitings. Especially something called viral known by couch-ridden adults as the stomach flu.

6. Fatigue
Feeling tired these days? While you might think it's because you're not getting enough sleep, there may be another factor at play. Your intestines.

7. Joint Pain
One of the things you probably never associate with bad intestines is bad joints.

8. Brain Fog
Intestinal gas and bloating is said to cause brain fog. This is the inability to focus or maintain a proper memory.

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