8 Things Your Face Says About You

We’re always conscious of our looks. It doesn’t matter if we’re taking photographs or just standing in public. Some people even have a side of the face that they consider to be more photogenic than the other.

People naturally judge you by your looks. Even if you decide to maintain a poker face, your features will give details about your health, intelligence, and personality. In today's video, we’ll see what your facial features say about you.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Wider Face – 00:35
2. Nose – 01:29
3. Plump Cheeks – 02:24
4. Eyes – 03:08
5. Brows – 04:20
6. Chin – 05:24
7. Hair – 05:54
8. Lips – 07:01


1. Wider Face
Broad-faced people have bigger cheekbones, which indicates a very strong personality. They can be aggressive and assertive at times.

2. Nose
The Chinese consider the nose to be a money spot. It indicates just how much health and wealth you will end up having in life.

3. Plump Cheeks
Have you ever seen somebody with rosey-red, chubby cheeks? Cute right? Well, there’s actually more to this. The fat on your face says a lot about your health.

4. Eyes
It's time to let the eyes do the actual talking. It's quite natural that your eyes look different than your other facial features. This is for a good reason.

5. Brows
The eyebrows are more important than you think. They serve as the second line of defense for your eyes after your lashes. Round eyebrows indicate kind-hearted people.

6. Chin
Everybody’s born with the typical features. Each of them has a purpose.

7. Hair
This is one of the most important features of your body. The hair has so much significance. Not just physically or socially, but culturally.

8. Lips
Scientists consider beauty as a state of harmony. You need a balance of all facial proportions. This includes the soft tissues, skeletal structures, and teeth.

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