8 Weird Symptoms That Could Be Early Signs of Diabetes

You might know someone who has diabetes, meaning that you know how this disease can affect people.

People who suffer from this disease need to pay careful attention to what they eat, take medicine, and deal with unpleasant symptoms.

The disease can be hereditary, but in most cases it develops due to poor eating habits, especially for people who eat too many sweets and drink too much alcohol. So, their blood sugar levels rise, which can cause nerve, eyes, and kidney damage.

In more advanced cases it can lead to strokes, heart diseases and difficulties healing wounds.

Due to this it’s always good to think of ways to prevent this disease from taking over our bodies.

Here are some of the early symptoms that may indicate that you are developing diabetes:

When we have high blood sugar levels it affects our blood circulation, causing a tingling sensation and loss of sensation in the hands and feet.

People with diabetes often have experience a constant feeling of itchiness, so never ignore a persistent itch.

Difficulties healing
You may have heard that people with diabetes wounds take longer to heal because of the decrease in blood circulation and increased blood sugar, which damages our immune system.

The appearance of bruising for no apparent reason can also be a sign. People with diabetes often develop dark patches on the skin which can be mistaken for bruising.

Do you feel tired all the time? This can be caused by your kidneys which work vey hard to filter your blood. High blood sugar levels can cause scars on your kidney’s tissue causing it to stop functioning as before.

Hunger and frequent thirst
If you have an uncontrollable hunger it may indicate that your body isn’t distributing your blood sugar correctly. And since your cells aren’t getting the energy they need, your body thinks it needs more food to create more energy. The unprocessed sugars are expelled in your urine, and since there’s so much of it, your body thinks it needs to drink more to replace what it’s expelling.

Weight change for no apparent reason
Due to your body's inability to manage its blood sugar, it ends up using up your fat, causing you to lose weight quickly.

Vision problems
Elevated blood sugar levels can also damage the blood vessels present in our eyes, resulting in blurred vision and difficulties seeing.


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