9 Common Foods Are Stopping You From Losing Weight

Have you been trying to get in shape? Are your daily trips to the gym not showing the results you wanted? Well, your diet is probably the cause of this. Let’s talk today about some foods that are preventing you from losing weight.

Are you eating too many chips? What about soda? Wait a second, do I really need to cut back on the alcohol? We’re talking about all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Cut back on the booze. – 00:24
Stop eating so much pizza. – 01:35
Stop it with the sugary coffees. – 02:52
Curb your soda habits. – 03:41
I’m talking about fruit juice. – 04:36
White bread may also be an issue. – 05:16
Candy and chocolate. – 06:03
Big french fry eater? – 07:07
French fry lovers. Chip lovers – 08:05


First of all, yes, you really need to cut back on the booze.
I know most of us are still in Covid mode, trying to get back to our lives before the pandemic. The problem is that many are bringing an awful drinking habit back with us.

We’re going to make some enemies with this next one, but stop eating so much pizza.
We can already hear your fists pounding on the table. Just hear us out for a second. Sure, pizza is delicious.

Not a morning person? Well, we're about to make them worse. Stop it with the sugary coffees.
Some people can't function throughout the day without they're early morning coffee trip. Well as it turns out, those visits to the drive-thru are doing more harm than good.

Speaking of sugary drinks, you should probably curb your soda habits.
This is a big one. Most of us are drinking way too much soda. Not only will this lead to weight gain, it can also increase your risk of things like heart and diabetes.

While we’re on the topic of soda, there’s another sugary drink you need to look out for.

I’m talking about fruit juice.
When you hear the word fruit juice, you may automatically think it’s healthy. In reality, store-bought fruit juice is very little to do with actual fruits.

It's not just sugary drinks you need to give up, white bread may also be an issue.
This is one of those things you don't even realize is a bad habit. Eating all your sandwiches with white bread is only going to hurt your chances of weight loss.

It's not just bread and soda you need to watch out for. There's also candy and chocolate.
Most of us have a craving for some type of sweet. The problem with candy is that it's so accessible.

Are you a big french fry eater? This might be a problem.
Who doesn't love a good plate of fries? Your bathroom scale, that's who! Few things in life give us the satisfaction of a good serving of fries.

I’m not just picking on you french fry lovers. Chip lovers should also be cautious.
Chips are in the same ballpark as candy. They’re so small and easy to get, you can eat too much without even realizing.

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