9 Crucial Things Your Sweat Is Trying to Tell You

Nobody likes to show up to a work meeting sweaty. The only problem is that we have to sweat. It’s the cooling system of our body, and one of our most important functions.

Your sweat can also say a lot about you! Today, let’s talk about things your sweat is trying to tell you. Do you know what fish-odor syndrome is? Can your sweat actually help you find love? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
You are not eating the right food – 0:22
You have hypoglycemia – 01:41
You are not sweating enough – 02:39
Your sweat has feelings – 03:35
You’re stressed out – 04:21
You're pregnant – 04:57
You need more electrolytes! – 05:53
Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis – 07:20
You may have lymphoma – 08:21


You are not eating the right food
Your sweat is a bodily fluid, just like blood and urine. If there’s something wrong with your body, your sweat also changes.

You have hypoglycemia
Are you sweating without heavy lifting? You might be running low on sugar. Hypoglycemia can have many effects on your body.

You are not sweating enough
If you notice reduced sweating and more dizziness during your summer walks, it could be something called anhidrosis.

Your sweat has feelings
Believe it or not, your sweat can be a superpower. It can affect your mood. You can spread happiness, fear, and perhaps arousal through sweat.

You're stressed out
A smelly, sweaty, and itchy underarm can indicate you're stressed.

You're pregnant
A proactive nostril is a sign of pregnancy. This means you're going to be more sensitive to the sweaty people around you.

You need more electrolytes!
You know what electrolytes are, right? Electrolytes are those those minerals in your body that give you an electric charge.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis
If you’re sweating way too much without any explanation, you may have PFH (primary focal hyperhidrosis). PFH is typically marked by unexplained sweating, which interferes with your daily activities.

You may have lymphoma
Hyperhidrosis may also be an indicator of an underlying disease. People suffering from gout, hyperthyroidism, and Parkinson's may also experience a ton of sweating.

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