9 Drinks To Avoid If You Want Younger Looking Skin

Picture this…a nice cold glass of your favourite soda. A delicious, hot Skinny Latte, an ice cold beer. What about some refreshing Vitamin Water? Anyone else thirsty??

Hi viewers and welcome back to Bestie! Today we’re gonna talk about the top 9 drinks you want to AVOID to keep your skin looking younger, and your body healthy. Of course none of these are the fountain of youth, we all age, but there are some things we should avoid if we wanna keep our baby faces. So, where do the drinks we mentioned at the beginning of the video fall on our list? Well, keep watching to find out. We’ll also reveal Mountain Dew’s dirty little secret so stick around until the end!

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Intro – 0:00
1. Cola – 00:38
2. Cocktails – 01:20
3. Sports Drink – 02:07
4. Iced Coffee – 02:43
5. Skinny Coffee Drinks – 03:20
6. Coffee Creamer – 04:19
7. Beer – 05:31
8. Vitamin Water – 06:13
9. Mountain Dew And Citrus Flavoured Sodas – 06:57


1. Cola
Ok, we’re gonna start with the worst one. COLA. Yes, it’s true soda of any kind is really bad for you. Why? Two words, added sugar. One of the worst things you can consume is a simple form of sugar called fructose. Your body doesn’t really process this liquid sugar and so you don’t feel full or satisfied when you drink it. That means that you’re dumping a ton of empty calories into your body and upping your risk of gaining unwanted weight, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

2. Cocktails
When the weekend hits, sometimes all you want is to let loose and have a fancy cocktail. But as we age, our bodies can’t deal with booze as easily as when we were younger. Liquor has some pretty bad side effects if you’re a heavy drinker, but even if you’re just partaking occasionally the junk food cravings and terrible sleeping patterns will catch up with you. Not to mention what it does to your skin!

3. Sports Drinks
You’d think that a drink that has the word “sport” in it should be healthy, but that’s not exactly the case. Sports drinks do contain electrolytes sodium and potassium, sure they’ve got that going for them, but they also contain a lot of sugar and calories. Drinking sports drinks will not give you that six pack you’ve been longing for.

4. Iced Coffee
This is one of the more difficult things to cut out because, well…coffee is delicious, and ICED coffee is even more tasty. Especially in the summertime, but alas, this one is really bad for aging your skin. The problem with this drink is all the caffeine in it.

5. Skinny Coffee Drinks
Just because things have “green” or “skinny” or “low fat” doesn't mean it’s always good news, and skinny coffee drinks are just another example.

6. Coffee Creamer
You might wanna start taking your coffee black, coffee creamer has a notorious ingredient that might make you uneasy.

7. Beer
Say it ain’t so! Not beer too! Yes, beer is something that you should be skipping out on if you want glowing, youthful skin. As we mentioned all the way back in cocktails alcohol is a diuretic, so it’ll dehydrate you.

8. Vitamin Water
Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, vitamin water is something you should avoid if you want to have a healthy drink.

9. Mountain Dew And Citrus Flavoured Sodas
Hey didn’t we already cover Cola? Aren’t they the same? Apparently not! Turns out that, wild, greenish color of Mountain Dew should be a warning sign! Citrus flavoured sodas often contain Brominated Vegetable Oil, or BVO, as an emulsifier.

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