9 Easy Ways You Can Reset Your Sleep Cycle

Have you been tossing and turning all hours of the night? Well, it’s probably because your sleeping patterns are off. A bad sleep cycle can damage both your mental and physical health. Luckily, there are ways to fix it. Let’s talk about a few in today’s video.

Should you skip naps? How important is noise? Wait, do I really need to stop eating? We’re talking about all this AND more, so stay tuned…

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Intro – 0:00
Before Bed! – 00:27
Skip Naps. – 01:27
Exercise – 02:13
Be Cool – 03:08
Meditation Into Your Life – 04:02
Caffeine – 05:09
Booze – 06:04
Quiet Down – 06:53
Phone Off! – 07:52


Don't eat before bed!
Snacking is fun, but your eating habits are not translating into a calm and healthy sleep.

You might want to skip naps.
There's sometimes nothing better than laying on the couch and shutting your eyes for 20 minutes. You feel like running a marathon after waking up. The problem is naps can keep you from actually falling asleep at night.

How about a little exercise?
Regular exercise will reset your internal clock. Physical activity benefits your muscles and tissues, which are linked to your circadian rhythm. When you work out, your rhythm gets back on track.

Be cool.
It's not just exercise your body needs to get the right type of sleep. How often do you open your bedroom window and feel that cold breeze? I get it, some people find this uncomfortable, but we don't realize how good this is for our sleep cycle.

Get a little more meditation into your life.
That's right, meditation will do a lot to help you rest. Now, some of you may not be meditation people, but practicing it a few times a week will make you feel relaxed and ready for bed.

Steer clear from caffeine.
I know a daily trip to the drive-thru helps you get through the day, but it's also what's keeping you awake.

Cut back on the booze.
If you think coffee's bad for your brain, alcohol can be even worse. Alcohol will disrupt your sleep quality.

Quiet down.
Keep in mind, it may not be your diet hurting your sleep, or caffeine, or your alcohol intake. It might simply be the fact that there's too much noise around you.

Turn your phone off!
In order for your sleep cycle to improve, all your devices need to be turned off. Your friend or significant other can wait 'til morning for you to text them. You sleep is a little more important than your thoughts on the newest Disney Plus show.

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