9 Foods That Make Your Liver Stronger

Do you ever stop and realize how unfairly we treat our livers? I mean sure… We apologize to it in advance before a night of heavy drinking. But other than that, we’re pretty cruel. Your liver is an organ that detoxifies and processes various things you consume. It’s essential to your health! Liver disease accounts for about 2 million deaths every year.

It’s not just alcohol that messes with your liver. Your diet also plays a huge role. Let’s talk about 9 Foods That Strengthen Your Liver.

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Intro – 0:00
Beetroot Juice – 0:37
Blueberries – 1:20
Grapes – 2:01
Grapefruit – 2:40
Cruciferous Veggies – 3:27
Nuts – 4:41
Fatty Fish – 5:21
Olive Oil – 6:13
Prickly Pear – 7:01


1. Beetroot Juice
Now it sounds grosser than it really is. Beetroot juice is important if you want a healthier liver.

2. Blueberries
How often do you eat blueberries? I must admit, for me, I haven’t been eating them enough.

3. Grapes
Grapes of all colors have a ton of powerful plant compounds. Red and purple grapes are said to be particularly good for your liver.

4. Grapefruit
Now this one is another acquired taste. Nevertheless, grapefruit is an extremely popular breakfast choice.

5. Cruciferous Veggies
We’re just keeping the train rolling with all the best tasting foods, aren’t we? Nobody said getting your liver in shape was going to be easy, folks.

6. Nuts
I told you we’d get to a snack. Nuts are the perfect food to munch on when your liver’s calling for help.

7. Fatty Fish
I know, I know. Not as simple as eating nuts. Nuts you don’t have to fry up in a pan for ten minutes.

8. Olive Oil
If you aren’t eating any of these other foods, I’m willing to bet you don’t use a lot of oil. Unless you’re living on the wild side and using it as a condiment for your French fries.

9. Prickly Pear
I’m throwing you a bit of curveball here. And before you ask, no, this is not a normal pear. Prickly pears are a type of cactus.

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