9 Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil That Can Help Your Skin, Acne & Dandruff

Why do we rely on the same products when we all have different skin and hair types? If you have been real health conscious you would know that your body needs something that goes over and above regular products. Tea tree oil is a revolutionary and a completely natural way to give that much-needed boost. In today's video let's see how you’ll benefit from tea tree oil. Can it be used to treat acne? What about wounds? Wait a minute can it be used as mouthwash? We’re discussing all this and more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Hand sanitizers – 00:27
2. Acne – 01:22
3. Steam inhalation – 02:33
4. Dandruff – 03:16
5. Oral hygiene – 03:58
6. Skin rashes and allergies – 05:42
7. Deodorant – 06:27
8. Wound healing – 07:03
9. Nail Fungus – 07:43


1. Hand sanitizers
We are starting off with the most relevant one.

2. Acne
Do you find that your acne is just not getting any better after trying all the home remedies? There’s a good chance your skincare routine is lacking an active ingredient that would work wonders.

3. Steam Inhalation
It is essential to have a bottle of this oil in your medicine cabinet when winter is around the corner.

4. Dandruff
If you are overly troubled by dandruff – it can sometimes look like you’ve just walked in from a snowstorm, which can be terribly embarrassing.

5. Oral hygiene
How can something with “tea” in the name be used as a mouthwash when tea is known to cause staining and yellowing of teeth? Don’t be fooled by the name, Tea tree oil is not actually made from regular tea.

6. Skin rashes and allergies
When your skin comes in contact with substances like new makeup products, fragrances or certain metals, it shows up on your skin as inflammation, reddening and rashes.

7. Deodorant
Smelly armpits can be a major hindrance to your social life. Sweat is odorless but when it combines with the bacteria on the skin it produces a stench.

8. Wound healing
You can't prevent your kids from getting cuts, bumps, bruises, and wounds when they are playing.

9. Nail Fungus
The black gunk under your nails has an obnoxious smell. That means it is full of millions of fungi. If you always suffer from nail infections it's best to have short nails.

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