9 Sneaky Symptoms That Can Be A Sign of a Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A, sometimes referred to as retinol, is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that the body needs to perform several vital functions like keeping your eyes healthy, immune system strong, and skin healthy. Not to mention it also aids in reproductive health.

Vitamin A is found in fish, meat, milk, eggs, and dairy products in the form of retinol. This is pre-made vitamin A that is directly processed by the body. They exist in plants as beta-carotene and are processed into vitamin A by the body. Want to know if you are getting enough vitamin A? Our bodies show signs of vitamin A deficiency through some sneaky symptoms when we are low on this essential nutrient. Let’s get started…

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Intro – 0:00
Not Seeing Well At Night – 0:40
Dry Skin – 1:25
Growth – 2:08
Wounds Not Healing Properly – 2:46
Eyes Become Dry – 3:23
Conception – 4:06
Throat And Chest Infections – 5:02
Acne – 5:41
Too Much Vitamin A – 6:25


Not seeing well at night.
Night blindness is one of the classic signs of a vitamin A deficiency because of its association with vision.

Dry skin
Vitamin A helps keep you healthy by making and repairing skin cells. Some studies show that it helps prevent inflammation due to skin issues.

Stunted growth in children.
Vitamin A is a must-have for the proper growth and development of the body during childhood. If your child does not get adequate amount of vitamin A, there is a high chance that their growth will be stunted.

Wounds not healing properly
Wounds not healing well after an incident or a surgical procedure can be due to vitamin A deficiency.

Eyes become dry
At the beginning of the video, we mentioned vitamin A deficiency is associated with vision problems. In some cases, these disorders are due to a very bad condition of dry eyes.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in fertility for both men and women and in the development of babies.

Throat ad chest infections
Frequent chest and throat infections might be a sign of vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin A has many properties which help with skin problems like inflammation and acne. If your face is prone to acne, you likely have a vitamin A deficiency.

Too much Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for us, but too much of it can harm the human body.

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