9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Drink Beet Juice

Let's talk about beetroots. Their pinkish-red color will make anyone fall in love with them. They go well in salads and soups. But cooking them can destroy their nutrients. Juicing remains the easiest and healthiest way to eat fresh beetroot.

Get ready to have a major beetroot meltdown, as we discuss the 9 benefits of beet juice in today's video.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Reduces Blood Pressure – 0:25
2. Increases Stamina – 1:18
3. Glowing Skin – 2:30
4. Heart Health – 3:09
5. Beats Dementia – 3:47
6. Fights Cancer – 4:19
7. Doubles as Blood Tonic – 4:53
8. Detoxifies Your Liver – 6:18
9. Reduces Cholesterol – 7:07


1. Reduces Blood Pressure
There's a reason beetroots are considered a superfood. It can lower your blood pressure.

2. Increases Stamina
Do you ever finish a workout and think, “If only I lifted a little harder”? Beetroot juice can make this a reality.

3. Glowing Skin
Not all people are blessed with flawless skin. If you constantly hide behind filters on Instagram, this one's for you.

4. Heart Health
Beetroot juice is heart-friendly. You probably think it would take months to see the positive effects of beet juice on your health.

5. Beats Dementia
Beet juice guarantees a younger and more active brain.

6. Fights Cancer
A few foods are known to keep cancer at bay.

7. Doubles as Blood Tonic
This veggie juice is the coolest way to remove toxins from the body.

8. Detoxifies Your Liver
Your liver is probably the most hardworking organ in your body. If you don’t have a healthy, functioning liver, it could mean your life.

9. Reduces Cholesterol
High cholesterol levels can be dangerous for you. But it first depends on which cholesterol we’re talking about.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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