9 Things Your Eyes Can Tell About Your Health

Did you know that your eyes can say things about your health?

In today's video, let's find out what you can improve in your health just by looking at your own eyes!

Eyes are called the windows of the soul. We can know a lot about how someone is feeling just by looking them in the eyes, right?

A good look or even a quick glance can give us more information about someone than their body language. However, the importance of our eyes doesn't stop there!

Usually, our eyes can give us important clues about our health. Poor eye health can indicate other significant diseases. Did you know that?

If you have a sudden loss of vision or double vision, immediately seek professional health. This simple thing can mean a thrombosis is coming.

0:00 Health issues that can be seen in the eyes

0:52 Long and thick lashes
Long and thick eyelashes are every women's dream, but their excessive growth is a pathology known as trichomegaly.

1:15 Bags under the eyes and dark circles
A tired appearance in the eyes might indicate allergies, which dilate the blood vessels and cause the overflow of the blood.

1:31 Watery eyes and photosensitivity
Watery eyes, photosensitivity, or dry eyes might be the first signs of hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis).

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2:07 Yellow and soft spots in the eyelids
According to studies done by Danish scientists, patients with xanthelasma, yellow spots in the eyelids and around them, are at risk of heart diseases.

2:27 Flaking and swelling of eyelids
The flaking and redness of eyelids can mean that the mascara, cream, or other cosmetics that you are using contain ingredients that your skin rejects.

2:57 Yellow eyes
In adults, it might be a sign of liver diseases, like hepatitis or cirrhosis. It can also mean that the bile ducts are blocked.

If you have any of these symptoms, don't try to self-diagnose and self-medicate. Immediately seek a doctor to receive an adequate diagnosis for your case.

So, did you know that your eyes can tell a lot about your health?



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