9 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Low On Vitamin B12

Do you know how important Vitamin B12 is for you? Vitamin B12 keeps both blood and nerve cells healthy. You can receive this vitamin by eating foods like eggs, chicken and beef among others. If you are not getting the proper intake, it can be detrimental to your health.

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Intro – 0:00
Jaundice – 00:31
Fatigue – 01:25

Mood Swings – 02:01

Heart Palpitations – 02:48

Glossitis – 03:49

Vision Loss – 05:05

Shortness of Breath – 05:58

Dizziness – 07:08

Nerve Damage – 08:33



One of the tell-tale signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency is skin discolouration. Most of the time, your skin will look yellow and pale. This is known as something called jaundice.


Feeling tired and weak out of nowhere? Lack of B12 may be the cause. Remember how we talked about your red blood cells not being able to properly transport oxygen? This can make you feel horrendously fatigued. This is a symptom brought on by a type of anemia known as megaloblastic anemia.

Heart Palpitations

A Vitamin B12 deficiency can do all sorts of crazy things to your heart. A heart palpitation is an irregular heartbeat that comes in the form of an uncomfortable pounding or fluttering. In some instances, your heart beats so fast that you begin panicking.


Has your tongue been feeling weird lately? If so, you may want to keep tabs on your Vitamin B12 situation. This is one of the earliest signs of a deficiency.

Shortness of Breath

In 2010, researchers focused on a 44 year old man who had been suffering from several symptoms associated with anemia. This included B12 deficiency. After an extensive study, they concluded that taking the proper supplements can reverse these symptoms.


Vision loss. Shortness of breath. This just continually gets more terrifying. Like shortness of breath, there are many explanations for dizziness. These can range from heart disease and inner ear problems. But a lack of Vitamin B12 can also cause you to experience bouts of extreme dizziness.

Nerve Damage
When you’ve been suffering from a lack of Vitamin B12, a common symptom is the feeling of pins and needles prickling against your body. This is known as paresthesia, which takes place when your nerves have not been receiving myelin.

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