9 Warning Signs You May Have Pre-Diabetes

Is it possible to be prediabetic and not even know about it? Sadly, one in three people watching this video in the United States is pre-diabetic. And about 90% of them have no idea. Today, there are 96 million prediabetic Americans and counting.

Your body sends warning signs before this condition turns into full-blown type 2 diabetes. And in today's video, we'll be discussing these symptoms. Is feeling hungry and thirsty all the time dangerous? What about blurred vision? We're talking all that and more…

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What exactly is prediabetes?
Diabetes doesn't happen in a day. It gives you a window where you can stop the progression of this disease. Pre-diabetes is the phase before you become diabetic and it can go undetected for years.

But can prediabetes be detected before getting a blood test?
Yes! If you are feeling exceptionally tired without doing much physical work it could indicate that you're prediabetic.

Do you see thick, velvety patches on your elbows, knees, neck, armpits, or knuckles?
If yes, then the dark skin could be underlying prediabetes. Doctors call this condition acanthosis nigricans.

Apart from this have you been feeling a little itchy all over?
When you have elevated blood sugar your overall immunity also takes a backseat. White blood cells are the first line of defense against any infection.

Are your bruises and cuts taking forever to heal?
Then high sugar levels might have hijacked your body's clotting system as well. Hyperglycemia or elevated blood glucose interrupts the free flow of blood reaching these cuts and wounds.

Do you see streaks of blood every time you brush your teeth?
Red, swollen gums can quickly point to rising blood sugar levels. If you are a prediabetic your saliva will also have higher sugar.

To see the next symptom you have to have great vision.
Pre-diabetes can affect your eyesight. High blood sugar causes ocular changes called diabetic retinopathy.

Speaking of diet, do you feel famished despite having a big meal?
Polyphagia or excessive urge to eat is closely associated with prediabetes.

Do you spend a lot of time at the water cooler or just keep buying more water bottles?

You may feel like washing down that extra food with extra water. You can drink all the fluids, all the drinks, and still be parched. Your insatiable thirst is because of excess blood glucose.

But guess what will happen when you drink all that water? That’s right. Your bathroom trips will increase.
You can feel the urge to urinate more after you've had your morning espresso or tea.

Moving on. Do your hands and feet become numb, so much so you can’t even feel them?
Your hands and feet can also give you important clues about your sugar levels. Keep an eye on any funny sensations like tingling, numbness or burning in your extremities.

Excessive sugar also spells trouble for your bones.
When the numbers on the weighing scale start increasing your bones, especially knees and ankles, have to bear the brunt.

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