BOOST Your Metabolism With These 12 Drinks That Helps With Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? You've probably already cut on high calorie drinks like soda. Good move! But did you know you can replace that soda with drinks that will boost your metabolism? This will help you lose weight. In today's video, we'll be talking about metabolism boosting drinks for weight loss.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Fennel Tea – 00:31
2. Mango Ginger Water – 01:11
3. Lemon Detox Water – 01:57
4. Apple Blueberry Cinnamon – 02:28
5. Ginger Lemon Drink – 03:15
6. Gingerbread Tea – 03:47
7. Cumin Cinnamon Drink – 04:32
8. Apple Cinnamon Water – 05:02
9. Berry Blast – 05:31
10. Hot Apple Cinnamon Tea – 05:55
11. Ajwain Tea – 06:25
12. Tart Cherry Juice – 07:09


1. Fennel Tea
Fennel seeds are a great way to increase your metabolism and improve your digestion.

2. Mango Ginger Water
Ginger is a great way to boost your metabolism.

3. Lemon Detox Water
It's well known that lemon is packed with vitamin C.

4. Apple Blueberry Cinnamon
Of all the fruits out there, blueberries have the most antioxidants.

5. Ginger Lemon Drink
A ginger lemon drink can be great for your gastrointestinal tract, as it gives you the benefits of both ginger and lemon.

6. Gingerbread Tea
Gingerbread tea will not only improve your metabolism, it will also freshen your breath and help your upset stomach.

7. Cumin Cinnamon Drink
Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants and can help you lose weight.

8. Apple Cinnamon Water
Having both apples and cinnamon are a great way to increase your metabolism.

9. Berry Blast
You will need a bag of frozen berries to make this drink.

10. Hot Apple Cinnamon Tea
It's not just lemon! Apples are also a great source of vitamin C.

11. Ajwain Tea
Ajwain is a plant that produces small, seed-like fruits similar to caraway and cumin.

12. Tart Cherry Juice
Here's a sour drink that can fire up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

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