BURN Your Fat Away With These 9 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

Trying to lose weight and get fit? Whatever the reason, cardio exercises are a great way to get in shape. These will help you burn calories and shed those pounds. But during the pandemic, are there any exercises you can do from the comfort of your home?

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about cardio exercises you can do at home. Jumping jacks are a great way to start. But what about dancing activities like Zumba? What are burpees? How do you do squat jumps? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Jumping jacks – 00:29
Dancing – 01:09
Burpees – 01:44
Squat jumps – 02:37
Running up the stairs – 03:28
Jump rope – 04:05
Kickboxing – 04:44
Jogging while standing in one place – 05:27
Single leg stand – 06:08


Jumping jacks
Jumping jacks are a great way to help with your cardio. They increase your blood circulation and at the same time control your blood pressure.

Dancing is not just something you do at parties when you’re having fun. It can also be a great way to get your cardio going. Dancing works as a whole-body exercise.

Burpees may not be the most popular cardio exercise, but it can certainly help boost your heart rate and burn a lot of calories. In fact, 10 minutes of burpees can help you burn over 100 calories.

Squat jumps
Squat jumps are another workout that can help with your cardio. They can improve the strength of both your upper and lower body. Additionally, squat jumps burn more calories than regular squats.

Running up the stairs
Something as simple as a flight of stairs can be used for a good cardio workout. When you run up the stairs, you’re able to gain strength and power in the lower part of your body.

Jump rope
A good jump rope routine is a great cardio exercise and is especially good for athletes to mix in with their cross-training.

Kickboxing is usually seen as a professional sport for athletes to compete in. However, this popular sport can also be used to burn calories and help your cardio.

Jogging while standing in one place
In the gym, you’d probably head straight to the treadmill to start your cardio session. But not everyone has a treadmill at home.

Single leg stand
A single leg stand also works on your abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise, you first need to start with the feet together, or no more than 3 inches apart.

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