Can You Eat Egg Yolks If You’re A Diabetic? | Diabetes & Eggs

In today's video, we’ll be discussing egg yolks, and what experts say when it comes to blood sugar. Before we begin, let’s talk about egg yolk in detail. What’s so great about it?

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Yolk is the yellow core of the egg. They’re filled with so many essential nutrients and vitamins, making it a popular food choice. The egg white and yolk are a perfect blend of calories, proteins, and fats. Having eggs for breakfast will keep you full for a longer period, kicking those hunger pangs away.

Recent research tells us that egg yolk has a slight upper hand when it comes to nutrients. However, the protein content is equal throughout the whole egg. The review also confirmed that egg yolk played a big role in making your body healthier.

Egg yolks can lower the risk of gastrointestinal distress. They also reduce inflammation.

Egg yolk can be an immunity booster in itself. The membrane of the yolk produces specialized cells called macrophages, which have the ability to eat up unwanted viruses, and microorganisms from your body at a cellular level.

This dramatically reduces the odds of you becoming infected and getting sick. The egg yolk membrane can give you some extra strength.

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