Coconut Oil and Rosemary: Base Coat to Strengthen and Grow Your Nails

In today's video, you will learn how to make a base coat to strengthen and grow your nails at home using natural ingredients.

Did you know you can accelerate your nails' growth? Most women dream of long, strong nails, right?

But did you know that our nails reflect much more than our beauty?

Brittle nails that flake and break for no reason. Stained, vertical and horizontal wedges, small white or purple nails. Any nails that aren't strong and pretty can show your health state.

If you have brittle nails, check out how to make a natural strengthening base coat with rosemary and coconut oil.

Rosemary has properties that help strengthen, stimulate, and accelerate nail growth. Its antifungal and antimicrobial properties help treat nail fungi.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, minerals, and fatty acids that hydrate and strengthen nails.

In addition to hydrating the nails, coconut oil also improves blood circulation, preventing the nails from getting brittle.

And since it has moisturizing action, it takes care of cuticles, helping the nails grow healthy.

Try it and share your experience with us.

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