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Did you know if stretched to full capacity, the lungs would cover an entire tennis court? Healthy lungs are vital to life. They provide oxygen to the blood while filtering out waste products through breathing. All those pollutants and dust particles around you don’t make things easy for the lungs. They need an additional boost from foods that are rich in antioxidants. In today's video, let’s discuss 12 of those foods in detail.

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Intro – 0:00
Leafy Greens – 00:31
Walnuts – 01:33
Water – 02:01
Anchovies – 02:38
Apples – 03:11
Broccoli – 03:36
Herbal Tea – 04:17
Garlic – 04:51
Grapefruit – 05:25
Blueberries – 05:59
Ginger – 06:38
Turmeric – 07:11


1. Leafy Greens
I know, leafy greens are not something most people look forward to. Just the taste is enough to make some of us gag.

2. Walnuts
If you want a long life with a healthy immune system, you need good lungs.

3. Water
This one really should go without saying. Unfortunately, some people just forget to drink the proper amount of water.

4. Anchovies
The thing about anchovies is people either love them or hate them.

5. Apples
What is it with apples? Is it some kind of miracle fruit? We’ve all heard the saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

6. Broccoli
This veggie needs no introduction if you’re eating healthy. It belongs to the family of cruciferous veggies.

7. Herbal Tea
Are you still gulping down soda cans when you feel thirsty? Well you better cut back, because you’re seriously hurting your lungs. Drink herbal tea instead.

8. Garlic
People have been using garlic in medicine for centuries.

9. Grapefruit
This is one delicious snack, and also great for a fruity breakfast.

10. Blueberries
This is one fruit that far too many people overlook.

11. Ginger
This isn’t exactly the spice you put on your hot wings, but it’s a powerful spice nonetheless.

12. Turmeric
This Golden Spice has been hyped up for the right reasons.

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