We ensure our products meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

100% Natural, Tested And Analysed CBD Products
100% Natural & Organic

All of the CBD products featured on our site are 100% natural. We do not allow any products which have actually used any pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, fungicides or genetically customized products or growth hormones in their production process.

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Gold Standard Products

All of the CBD products featured on our site have actually been produced using selectively grown hemp. This makes sure not only a high level of CBD however also a product which is exceptionally pure.

Lab Tested For Purity

CBD products featured on the web are typically erroneously identified. We not only thoroughly select our CBD providers, we also have their products independently confirmed as an extra step to make sure safety and quality. Only products that are high quality and have actually been carefully evaluated make it onto our site.

Why Is CBD Legal?

Europewide the legal level of CBD in a CBD product is 0.2%. In addition, that product has to have actually been made from commercial hemp.

Can You Explain What CBD Is?

CBD is simply one of a number of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. It is even more common in hemp, whilst THC is found in much greater concentrations in cannabis.

In order to control what we do chemical messages are sent to the brain. CBD stimulates receptors and can assist manage our internal procedures by either increasing or reducing a system’s activity. For instance, keeping your heart rate at a constant beat. Or managing your body temperature. If you get stressed out or nervous the brain will launch more dopamine to relax you. Once again managed by the ECS managing the release of the chemicals.

THC, what is it?

THC is the cannabinoid most strongly present in cannabis. It has psychedelic properties affecting the psyche and customizing the cerebral rhythm. THC is thought of as a narcotic, a marijuana flower consisting of more than 1% THC is prohibited. THC is present at a rate of less than 0.2% in our CBD products.

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