Do Bananas Make You Fat Or Are They Weight-Loss-Friendly? | Banana Myth Breaker

Bananas may be the oldest fruits in human history. Believe it or not, this yellow fruit is a berry. It starts out with hard seeds and pulp.

Bananas get a mixed reaction. Health freaks trying to lose weight may say no to them. On the other hand, athletes often make a point to have bananas all the time. Who’s right in this situation?

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Intro – 0:00
Let’s First Go Through All Of It’s Nutrition – 00:28
With More Fiber and Low Calories, Bananas Are a Wonderful Fruit! – 01:08
How Ripeness Affects Bananas Glycemic Index – 01:54
Green Or Yellow, Which Banana Should I Eat? – 03:18
Bananas Are Just So Filling – 04:04
Want Potassium? Have A Banana! – 04:20
Want Magnesium? Bananas It Is! – 04:55
The Can Also Cure Your Upset Stomach – 05:25
So Can Diabetics Eat Bananas? – 05:52
Do Bananas Have Side Effects? – 06:30
So Do Bananas Cause Weight Loss? – 06:50


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