Drink Fennel and Lemon Tea Everyday For These Amazing Benefits

In today's video, you will learn how to make a fennel and lemon tea to improve digestion, period cramps, and respiratory issues.

People call it by different names, like anise, aniseed weed, or sweet fennel, but this tea is known and used worldwide. Did you know it?

Fennel tea has some amazing benefits. Many believe that it helps with weight loss, while others use it to sleep better. Do you know any other benefits of fennel tea?

Aids against free radicals
Since it has antioxidant properties, this tea is efficient against free radicals. It prevents diseases like cancer and strokes.

Helps the respiratory system
Drinking fennel tea can help with coughs, asthma, and bronchitis, besides being used by people who have colds or flu, as it helps improve immunity.

Controls blood pressure
With good amounts of potassium, fennel controls blood pressure. Besides, this tea has a role in preventing strokes.

Reduces gas and aids in digestion
Tea made with fennel leaves or seeds helps with cramps, both intestinal and menstrual, and flatulence.

Lessens bad breath
Since it improves digestion, fennel tea also contributes to significantly improve bad breath caused by gastrointestinal issues.

Helps relax and sleep better
Many people drink a cup of fennel tea an hour before going to bed. According to natural medicine, fennel helps the muscles relax, being an excellent natural treatment against insomnia.

Helps with weight loss
Did you know that fennel tea can be an ally in your weight loss? This is thanks to all the fiber it contains.

Now that you know all the benefits of fennel, what about learning how to make the tea?

To have more health and quality of life, add this tea to your diet.

Now tell us: did you know this combination of fennel tea and lemon?

0:00 Fennel Tea Benefits
0:31 Aids against free radicals
0:41 Helps the respiratory system
0:52 Controls blood pressure
1:12 Reduces gas and aids in digestion
1:32 Lessens bad breath
1:46 Helps relax and sleep better
1:58 Helps with weight loss
2:17 Fennel and Lemon Tea Recipe



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