Drinking Cold Brew Coffee Does This To Your Body

Health benefits of cold brew coffee that you should know. It would seem that nutrition experts have begun to identify other health related benefits that may stem from brewing your coffee cold instead.

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Easier On Your Stomach : 1:06
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May Improve Your Mood and Mind: 3:54

May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease: 5:32


1) Easier On Your Stomach
The high acidity of hot coffee has been known to trigger a number of different forms of irritation in some more sensitive individuals, such as acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. According to some studies published in the journal known as Scientific Reports, cold brew coffee may be slightly less acidic on the pH scale compared to regular hot coffee, making it a more viable option for those with sensitivities to acidic food and beverages.

2. Might Boost Your Metabolism
It’s been hypothesized that cold brew coffee may also be able to benefit your weight loss goals by providing a much needed jump start to your body’s metabolism. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the caffeine content found within a cold brewed coffee may be enough to boost your metabolic rate by up to 11 percent.

3. May Improve Your Mood and Mind
According to the scientific journal “Food Components To Enhance Performance” caffeine has been known to possess mood-elevating properties, especially among people who might not be getting their daily quota of sleep. Other studies have reported that caffeine may also help to improve things such as brain and motor functions.

4. May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease
Your average cold brew coffee concoction is actually a quite complicated cocktail of complex compounds, namely caffeine, magnesium, and lignans as well as phenolic compounds. All of these compounds present a variety of potential benefits to your body by reducing the risk of heart disease in various ways, such as by reducing insulin resistance, lowering blood pressure and keeping your body’s blood sugar at reasonable levels.

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