Drinking Tea Every Day Will Do This To Your Body

In short, ‘love handles’ is the name given to the fat around the hips and abdomen. When you wear tight-fitting clothes, they are all the more visible.

In today’s video, we will be discussing 6 exercises to get rid of these love handles. Can Russian twists help? How do you perform woodchoppers and bicycle crunches? What is the extended triangle pose and how is it helpful? We will be talking about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Contains Antioxidants – 0:26
2. Tea Has Less Caffeine – 1:06
3. Reduces Chances Of Heart Attack – 1:49
4. Helps Lose Weight – 2:36
5. Boosts Immune System – 3:20
6. Soothes The Digestive System – 3:51
7. Improves Insulin Sensitivity – 4:42
8. Good For Your Brain – 5:33
9. Good For Oral Health – 6:25


1. Contains Antioxidants
This is a major plus for people with certain health issues. These antioxidants prevent our body from being infected by free radicals. Most of these free radicals are found around us.

2. Tea Has Less Caffeine
One of the reasons why many people shift to either black or green tea is the caffeine content. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee.

3. Reduces Chances Of Heart Attack
We mentioned it in the beginning. Now let’s expand. There have been many studies that have pointed out how drinking tea is good for your heart.

4. Helps Lose Weight
You do a lot of work to lose weight. You go for a run every morning, workout very hard at the gym, and even try to reduce your food consumption.

5. Boosts Immune System
Once again, it is the antioxidants in tea that come to your rescue. These antioxidants are responsible for boosting your immunity. It doesn't just end there though.

6. Extended Triangle Pose
Yoga is an effective method to gain both flexibility and lose weight. Performing this pose daily is a great way to get rid of love handles. It will activate your lower obliques and stretch the upper ones. Your ankles, knees, and thighs will all be stretched and strengthened.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

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