Early Warning Signs Of Lungs Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Welcome back! Cancer of any kind is no joke, especially not lung cancer. We’ve all been extra curious about lung health since the COVID 19 pandemic, but today’s video might shed a little more light on how you can better take care of your lungs. Not to mention how to spot early warning signs of cancer.

Do you have a cough that just won’t go away? Do you know what Non Small Cell lung cancer is? Have you ever heard of Horner Syndrome? We’ll discuss all this and more in today’s video! So grab a snack, get comfy and let’s get into it.

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Intro – 0:00
What Causes Lung Cancer? – 00:57
The Different Types of Lung Cancer – 1:52
Small Cell Lung Cancer – 02:08
Non Small Cell Lung Cancer – 02:40
Symptoms of Lung Cancer – 03:57
Horner Syndrome – 05:09
SVC Syndrome – 05:27
Paraneoplastic Syndromes – 05:59
Screening for Cancer – 06:43
Imaging tests – 06:57
A Biopsy – 07:21
Ultrasound – 07:34
Lung Function Tests – 07:41
DON’T SMOKE – 08:31
Exercise – 08:54
Eat Right – 09:13


What Causes Lung Cancer?
It's no surprise that smoking is the number one thing that causes lung cancer, about 90 percent of cases are caused by cigarettes.

The Different Types Of Lung Cancer
Nothing is ever simple, is it? Well, this includes cancer. Most types of lung cancer can be placed in one of two larger categories; small cell lung cancer and non small cell lung cancer.

Small Cell Lung Cancer: This is a type that tends to develop quickly and makes up for about 15-20% of lung cancer cases.

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer: This is the type that smoking causes and makes up for about 80-85% of cases.

Symptoms Of Lung Cancer
Small disclaimer, we are not doctors so we're just giving you some ideas on what some symptoms could be.

Some early signs can include:
1. A stubborn cough that just won’t go away or lung infections that won’t go away
2. Chest pain that get worse when you breath deep, try to cough or laugh too hard
3. Unexplained weight loss
4. Coughing up blood or phlegm
5. Loss of appetite
6. Loss of voice
7. Shortness of breath
8. Feeling weak and tired
9. You start wheezing

Horner Syndrome
This usually affects those suffering from cancer in the upper part of the lungs.

SVC Syndrome
The SVC is a really large vein that travels through the head and arms to the heart. If there’s a tumor pressing on this vein you’ll feel swelling in the face, neck, arms and upper chest.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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