Eat 1 Sweet Potato A Day And See What Happens To Your Body

When it comes to healthy eating there is one food that steals the show. It's so versatile and tasty that having it at least once a day in your meals or snacks can give oodles of benefits. We are talking about sweet potatoes!

This holiday favorite has earned the status of superfood. In today's video let's discuss what happens to your body when you start eating sweet potatoes every day. Does it improve your memory? What about great vision and protection from cancer? We're discussing all that and more.

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Does your local grocery store have purple sweet potatoes?
Sweet potatoes are available in a variety of colors. You can buy white, yellow, red, purple, and brown-skinned varieties.

Want to know why?
This humble spud is extremely nutrient-dense. The purple and orange varieties are packed with antioxidants which give them their typical color.

But do you care potatoes all the time?
I know they are so tasty that it becomes difficult to resist. But overeating them can be unhealthy.

Sweet potato is a treat not only for your taste buds but also your gut. Here's how it helps your digestive system.
This starchy culinary star has one nutrient that keeps things moving. Soluble fiber that adds bulk to your stool and softens it by absorbing water.

Sweet potatoes also come out on top when you need something for your brain.
Who doesn't want to be great with numbers and remembering people or events as you grow old?! Sadly with advancing age, brain function may diminish. Scary diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia can set in early, making life miserable for the suffering person as well as the family.

But this doesn't mean you start having sweet potatoes in your old age alone. You have to start early.
Having difficulty remembering things?
Sweet potatoes can put an end to your distress. If you feel you are experiencing problems related to memory, just eat more sweet potatoes.

Another attribute that pulls our attention is its ability to fight cancer.
Sweet potato has been a staple of many cuisines for centuries. People have revisited this food and turned it into a fad for all the right reasons.

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