Eat Basil Every Day, See What Happens To Your Body

Basil is a star ingredient in creamy pastas and pizzas. The vibrant green basil leaves not only add flavor to your recipes, but also offer stunning health benefits. In today’s video, we’ll talk about the benefits of basil.

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Intro – 0:00
Boosts Mental Health – 00:22
Supports Heart Health – 01:28
Fights Cancer – 02:18
Lowers High Blood Sugar – 04:02
Decreases Oxidative Stress – 04:51
Decreases Inflammation and Swelling – 05:36
Fights Infection – 06:44
Supports Liver Health – 07:33
Enhances Digestion – 07:57


Boosts Mental Health
In our fast-paced lives, things get pretty overwhelming. What if I told you that a herb can support your mental health? Yes, you heard that right! Basil may help relieve your stress.

Supports Heart Health
High blood pressure and cholesterol are the two main factors hurting your heart. Guess what, basil can help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels!

Fights Cancer
The holy basil, which is commonly found in Indian homes, holds potential cancer fighting properties.

Lowers High Blood Sugar
High blood sugar levels have become a pretty common issue these days, thanks to stress as well as our lazy lifestyles.

Decreases Oxidative Stress
Free radicals are harmful molecules with buildup that can lead to oxidative stress in your body.

Decreases Inflammation and Swelling
Oxidative stress can also cause inflammation in your body. Basil is truly a ‘healing herb’, as it reduces inflammation and swelling.

Fights Infection
Since ancient times, basil has been used as an effective antibacterial agent. It has the potential to fight disease-causing bacteria.

Supports Liver Health
Basil has powerful detox properties, and can do wonders for your liver!

Enhances Digestion
If you often suffer from bloating and indigestion, consuming basil on the regular can help.

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