Eat Blackberries Daily & See What Happens To Your Body

Fruits are great for your health. They’re packed with nutrition and flavor. If you’re a berry fan like me, you’ll love blackberries as well. These tasty treats go wonderfully with your fruit salad as well as oatmeal. You can also blend them together to make a delicious smoothie.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the nutritional and health benefits of blackberries. They sure are high in fiber, but what does that mean for your body? How does it impact your immunity? What role does manganese have in this? Can it boost your oral health? Is it good for your skin? We’ll discuss all of these AND more…

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Can improve brain health – 05:50
Packed with so many nutrients – 06:39


High In Fiber
Most people don’t get the necessary amount of fiber from their regular diet. When your body doesn’t get enough, it leads to digestion-related problems. You’ll end up with issues such as constipation, bloating, and stomach pain.

Rich In Manganese
Manganese is one of those minerals that’s not talked about all that much. But, it’s very important, especially for bone development. It keeps your immune system working at a great level.

Boosts Your Oral Health
Tired of having that pre-dentist anxiety. There are some people who dread having to step into a dentist’s chair. Blackberries can also be used as part of a dental regime. In one study, it was seen that using blackberry extract can prevent certain oral diseases. This is because blackberries have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial abilities.

Rich In Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients your body requires to function. The best source of vitamin C is blackberries. One cup of blackberries can give you around 30 mg of vitamin C, which amounts to around 50% of your body’s daily requirement.

Rich In Vitamin K
This is a vitamin we don’t think about enough. But what is Vitamin K good for? When you cut yourself, you’re bound to see some bleeding. But the reason there isn’t a massive amount of blood is because of vitamin K. This vitamin helps your blood clot, so you don’t end up losing a lot of it.

Can Improve Brain Health
Eating blackberries on the regular can do a lot for your brain. As you age, chances are you’re gonna lose your memory. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’ll develop amnesia. It’s more like we begin losing brain cells very slowly over time.

Packed With So Many Nutrients
Blackberries also have other nutritional benefits. One cup of blackberries gives you just 62 calories and 14 carbs. You can satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about gaining weight!

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