Eat Grapes Every Day, See What Happens To Your Body

Today we’re going to talk about what grapes can do for you. What kind of nutrients do they have? Can they reduce your blood pressure? Wait a second, do grapes really prevent cancer? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. They’re Highly nutritious – 00:26
2. Full of Antioxidants – 00:54
3. Protects You From Cancer – 01:49
4. Reduces Blood Pressure – 02:39
5. Reduces Cholesterol – 03:04
6. Grapes Fight Diabetes – 04:02
7. Promotes Eye Health – 04:40
8. Improves Memory and Mood – 05:10
9. Makes Your Bones Stronger – 05:50
10. Effective Against Bacteria and Infections – 06:14
11. Prevents Aging – 06:35
12. Anti-inflammatory Effects – 07:03


1. They're Highly Nutritious
Grapes are jam-packed with Vitamin C & K. One cup of red or green grapes can fill more than a quarter of your daily requirements. Vitamin K is absolutely essential for healthy bones and blood clotting. Vitamin C ensures that your connective tissues are healthy. Also, grapes have literally no fat. Pretty cool, huh?

2. Full Of Antioxidants
Grapes have over 1600 beneficial compounds. This includes antioxidants. If you’re given a choice between different grapes, you should definitely pick red grapes. They have higher antioxidants in them.

3. Protects You From Cancer
Grapes have been found to safeguard you from a few types of cancer. This is all because of the special plant compounds it contains.

4. Reduces Blood Pressure
Grapes keep your heart healthy. Just one cup will give you around 300 grams of potassium. This will complete 6% of your recommended daily intake. Lower intake of potassium has a definite link to strokes and heart attacks. This was confirmed by a study that found that people who ate higher levels of potassium-rich food were less likely to die than those who had smaller amounts.

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