Eat Only 6 French Fries And Stay Healthy! Here’s How

In today's video let's see how many fries you can actually have on a daily basis according to experts. Do french fries have vitamins and minerals? Does putting salt on them change anything? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Energize your body – 01:57
2. Reduces stress – 02:31
3. Prevents cramps – 02:50
4. Antioxidants – 03:12
5. Sharpen your brain – 03:42
6. Treat painful joints and arthritis – 04:07
7. Lowers cholesterol – 04:20
8. Helps food digestion – 04:54
9. Wards off infection – 05:17
10. Stops colitis –
So What Are The Different Types of Fries?


1. Energize Your Body
Just one regular serving of fries has around 200 calories, whereas a large McDonald's serving will have almost 500. Now if you don't want a truckload of calories, but still enjoy tasty potatoes, having 6 french fries is a pretty good method.

2. Reduce Stress
I mean, who wouldn't feel relaxed after eating fries. The secret lies locked in a special acid called pantothenic. This magical compound keeps depression and anxiety away. Small amounts of pantothenic acid in fries are enough to get a good hormonal balance going in your body.

3. Prevents Cramps
Muscle cramps, especially in your legs, can prevent you from performing athletic activities like running. They will also hurt your ability to exercise. This is due to lower potassium levels in your muscles. French fries can give you almost 600 mg of potassium through just a tiny 100 gram serving! If you eat just six fries, you’ll get a decent amount.

4. Antioxidants
Cancer and premature aging are two harmful side effects of free radicals. The manganese content in fries will help curb the oxidation in your body, reducing your chances of developing these conditions. Now I’m not saying six fries will make all the difference, but a tiny snack can certainly contribute.

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