EAT THIS, Not This To Help Flatten Your Stomach | 21 Flat Belly Food Swaps

When you’re trying to shed pounds, little changes to your diet can make a big difference. Making small changes is easier because you don’t feel as deprived. These feelings can derail anyone’s best weight loss intentions. In the long run, small changes will lead to big results.

And the first big step? Swap unhealthy foods for healthy ones. These foods won’t overstimulate the reward pathways in your brain like processed foods, meaning you’ll be less tempted to overeat.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Scrambled Eggs With Veggies Instead Of Egg Sandwich – 00:48
2. Cafe americano instead of latte – 01:20
3. Spaghetti Squash Instead Of White Pasta – 01:49
4. Kale chips instead of potato chips – 02:07
5. Greek Yogurt Instead Of Sour Cream – 02:26
6. Extra virgin olive oil instead of butter – 02:48
7. Broth Based Soup Instead Of Cream Based – 03:16
8. Diet soda with seltzer water – 03:45
9. Starchy side dish for a colorful side of vegetables – 04:20
10. Dried fruits for fresh fruits – 04:50
11. Fat-free milk for whole milk – 05:20
12. Microwave popcorn with home-popped popcorn – 05:57
13. Maple syrup instead of sugar – 06:20
14. Sweet potatoes instead of potatoes – 06:50
15. Porridge Instead Of Breakfast Cereals – 07:15
16. Homemade Sauces Instead Of Jarred Sauces – 07:57
17. Whole Orange Instead Of Orange Juice – 08:26
18. Herbs instead of salt – 08:44
19. Cheddar Cheese For Goat Cheese – 09:02
20. Refined grains for whole grains – 09:25
21. Processed Meats with Lean Meats and Plant-Based Protein – 09:49


Scrambled Eggs With Veggies Instead Of An Egg Sandwich: Filled with fiber, veggies will give you a longer-lasting energy boost than the empty carbs in a sandwich.

Americano Instead Of Latte: Sticking with the straight stuff gives you a more concentrated dose of coffee—and its free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Spaghetti Squash Instead Of White Pasta: Automatically make your pasta a veggie-filled one with this low-cal, high-fiber replacement. In addition to saving you close to 200 calories, the squash's generous helpings of vitamin C, folate, and magnesium will increase your energy.

Kale Chips Instead Of Potato Chips: You can eat a cup and a half of kale chips for just 84 calories, while the same amount of potato chips will set you back more than 200.

Greek Yogurt Instead Of Sour Cream: Plain Greek yogurt and sour cream are so similar in taste and texture that you really have no excuse not to use the lean, protein-packed alternative.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Instead Of Butter: Both pack fat, sure, but not all fats are created equal.

Broth Based Soup Instead Of Cream Based: Soup is the epitome of comfort food and a mainstay for dieters.

Diet Soda With Seltzer Water: Drinking calories, especially in the form of sweetened beverages, is displacing otherwise nutrient-dense foods.

Starchy side dish for a colorful side of vegetables: If you usually serve bread, rice, noodles, or potatoes as a side dish, consider swapping them out for colorful vegetables.

Dried fruits for fresh fruit: If you like to grab a pack of dried fruit for a snack, you can save yourself some calories and help feel full longer by eating fresh or frozen fruit instead.

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