Eating a Single Hot Dog May Take 36 Minutes Off Your Life

Do you like hot dogs? And, what if I told you that just one hot dog can take 36 minutes off of your life?

That's right. According to a study published in the scientific magazine Nature Food, each hot dog eaten can reduce your lifespan by 36 minutes.

The researchers got this number taking into consideration that each gram of a hot dog, which is made basically of processed innards, shortens one's life .45 minutes.

Trans fat and salt found in this product are responsible for taking the remaining minutes.

But, if you have eaten lots of hot dogs during your life and don't want to shorten it even more, some foods can extend your life on Earth.

For example, a portion of nuts can add 26 “extra” minutes to the life of those who eat it. Did you know it?

Researchers from the University of Michigan tested the nutritional impact of almost 6 thousand foods to create the Nutritional Health Index.

They calculated the impact on the health of one gram of each food, then created an average to find out how a complete meal would affect life expectancy.

For those who want to live longer, scientists suggest replacing 10% of the daily ingestion of meat or processed foods with vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

According to them, this can add 48 minutes to your life every time you do it. Isn't it amazing?

This finding shows that small changes offer big benefits to our health.



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