Ever Had Deja Vu? This Is Why!

In today’s video, we’ll talk about déjà vu, and different theories on what it is. How is the split perception theory associated with déjà vu? What is memory recall? We’re talking all this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Split Perception Theory – 1:30
Memory Recall – 2:25
Brain Dysfunction – 3:53
The Parallel Universe Theory – 5:19


1. Split Perception Theory
The split perception theory states that déjà vu occurs when you see something at two different times.

The first time you see something, you may only see it out of the corner of your eye. Just so you know, your brain can begin to form a memory of what it sees, even with the limited amount of information it receives from a brief and incomplete look. Therefore, you can accept more than you think.

2. Memory Recall
Several experts suggest that déjà vu has to do with the way you process and store memories. Déjà vu can occur in response to an event similar to something you’ve already experienced but DO NOT remember. Maybe it was something you experienced as a small child. While you cannot access this memory, your brain still knows that you’ve been in a similar situation.

3. Brain Dysfunction
Another theory explains that déja vu occurs when your brain is “malfunctioning”, and experiences a short-term electrical failure, similar to what happens during a seizure.

4. The Parallel Universe Theory
There are also non-scientific explanations for déjà vu. Some of these include the belief that déjà vu relates to some kind of psychic experience. This includes remembering something you’ve experienced in a previous life, or in a dream.

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