Experts Are Begging You To Eat More Star Fruit

Do you have an insatiable love for tropical fruit? Then you must try the exotic-looking and delicious star fruit.

We usually avoid picking up starfruit but adding this fruit can break the monotony of just apples and bananas. And let's not forget that star fruit has oodles of health benefits.

In today's video let's discuss why you should be adding star fruit to your diet. Can it help you sleep better? What about weight loss and great skin? We are discussing all that and more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Lowers blood sugar – 00:28
2. Prevents anemia – 01:14
3. May help you to sleep better – 01:46
4. Helps in weight loss – 02:22
5. Prevents constipation – 03:03
6. Reduces the chances of fatty liver – 04:05
7. Keeps you hydrated – 04:33
8. Prevents cancer – 05:22
9. Reduces inflammation – 05:59
10. Enhances heart health – 06:35
11. Gives you radiant skin – 07:03


1. Lowers blood sugar
Simple carbs and sugar can be your worst enemy if you’re diabetic. Most of us remember this and often stay away from baked goodies like cakes or chocolates that have a ton of added sugar.

2. Prevents anemia
Feeling tired, fatigued, lightheaded, and dizzy all the time can indicate anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is a common condition affecting almost 25% of the world population.

3. May help you to sleep better
Your dinner largely dictates how you will sleep. If you have a huge meal of steak, fried chips, soda, and sugary desserts you might stay awake for longer when you hit the bed.

4. Helps in weight loss
Folks who are trying to lose weight always have a daily target of calories. Any new addition to your regular diet can mess up the calorie calculation.

5. Prevents constipation
The modern American diet is loaded with simple carbs. Highly processed food sits in your gut for a long time as it lacks dietary fiber.

6. Reduces the chances of fatty liver
It's alright to indulge in unhealthy food once in a while. But if your everyday meals do not have any fresh fruits or veggies it can cause serious problems with the liver.

7. Keeps you hydrated
Your body is made up of 60% water. When the percentage of water drops you automatically start feeling sleepy, tired, and irritable.

8. Prevents cancer
Cancer claims millions of lives every year across the globe. This lethal disease may have its roots in the modern-day lifestyle.

9. Reduces inflammation
Star fruit can mimic your regular. Inflammation is your body's natural response to pathogens, dead cells, and irritants.

10. Enhances heart health
Starfruit is versatile and is used in Asian-style cooking, seafood or shellfish delicacies, marmalades, jellies, and pies.

11. Gives you radiant skin
We all have great skin days. But just imagine if that glowing skin never left you? For that, you need to go on a skin health-boosting diet.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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