Get Rid Of Wrinkles & Slim Your Face With These 7 Simple Facial Exercises | Face Yoga Benefits

Do you wonder what top models do to eliminate wrinkles, puffiness blemishes and get that photo-ready skin? It's not pricey cosmetic surgeries, it's face yoga!

In today's video let's learn simple face yoga exercises and discuss why you should be doing them. Does it help you to breathe better? What about getting rid of jaw pain? We are discussing all this and more.

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Intro – 0:00
The Benefits of Face Yoga
1-Tones your Face – 00:28
2. Helps get rid of fine lines – 00:54
3. It's a way of holistic well being- 1:26
4. Promotes better nostril breathing- 1:58
5. Reduces jaw pain- 2:21
6. Firms the neckline – 2:46
7. Gets rid of dark circles – 3:13

1. Lion's breath – 4:03
2. The stargaze – 4:48
3. Eye circles – 5:24
4. Brow smoother – 5:58
5. Fish lips – 6:50
6. Lip circles – 7:20
7. Jaw pain relief – 7:54


The Benefits of Face Yoga

1. Tones your Face
Your face has about 43 muscles. Just like the underarm or tummy, your face can also sag a bit.

2. Helps get rid of fine lines
Do a simple test to find out if your skin is aging. Stand in front of the mirror and smile to the fullest.

3. It's a way of holistic well being
You need to be healthy from the inside out. A study found out that people who participated in facial exercise sessions twice weekly for a period of 12 weeks improved their mental health miraculously. It also helps them to be more mindful and aware.

4. Promotes better nostril breathing
Do you find yourself breathing through the mouth at night in deep sleep? If yes there are good chances that you might be suffering from chronic sinusitis or nasal obstruction of varying degrees.

1. Lion's breath
Have you seen a lion roar? This yoga pose pretty much sums up the facial expressions. Sit comfortably and lean forwards. Keep your palms on the floor and inhale deeply through the nose.

2. The stargaze
If you want a firm neck then never skip this exercise in particular. Tilt your head slightly back as if you were trying to kiss something. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat it 5 times.

3. Eye circles
This exercise not only focuses on the under-eye region but also the area above the eyes and below the eyebrows. Remember to have feather-light pressure while doing this massage.

4. Brow smoother
Our next exercise is in line with the previous one. You are now concentrating on your eyebrows and forehead. Go back to your recent photographs.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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