Grow Your Hair Faster with this Easy Recipe #Shorts

You dream of long, full locks?

Then write down the ingredients:

3.4 oz. saline solution;
1.7 oz. star anise infusion, concentrated;
1 container with lid;

How to do it?

Make a star anise infusion. For that, boil four or five star anises in 3.4 ounces of water.

Let it boil for five minutes. Then, close with a lid for ten minutes.

Wait for the infusion to cool (after boiling, you will get around 1.7 ounces of highly concentrated tea).

Strain and mix with the saline solution, which you learned how to make in the suggested video showing to you. Store in a closed container in your fridge.

How to use it?

Every other day, or three times a week, apply a few drops of this star anise tonic on your hair roots.

After applying it, gently massage with your fingertips and let the product sit for two hours, at least.

It is better to apply the tonic before sleep, so the ingredients will stay on your hair the whole night.

This star anise recipe lasts around 15 days. If you want to, you can double the ingredients and keep the tonic in your fridge to preserve it.

It is worth noting that you need to follow the treatment for at least two months – this is enough time to see results. Besides making the hair grow faster, it will also lend a glow to make your hair much prettier and soft.



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