Herbal Steam Inhalation: 2 Recipes to Improve Your Breathing

Most times, breathing is an involuntary and unconscious process. When your nose is stuffy, however, the difficulty to make air pass through the nose makes it uncomfortable to breathe, doesn't it?

You probably experienced this at some point in your life, haven't you?

Inhaling herbal steam is a natural solution, different from those nasal sprays sold at drugstores that can cause long-term dependence.

Inhaling herbal steam is an efficient, healthy, and therapeutic solution to decongest your airways and have a peaceful sleep.

These inhalations can be done with herbs with suppressant properties or others that alleviate coughing and airway irritations.

An example of an herb that can be used for inhalations is eucalyptus. When combined with other herbs, eucalyptus offers many medicinal properties that make for an excellent inhalation.

It is also excellent to alleviate coughing crises and decongest the chest.
If your symptoms persist, talk to a doctor.

We will also show you how to make a sage and basil inhalation.

Now that you know these 2 incredible recipes to naturally improve your breath, go and enjoy the effects of herbal steam inhalation!

Try it and share your opinion with us.

0:00 DIY Herbal Steam Recipes for a Stuffy Nose
1:07 How to make a eucalyptus inhalation
2:03 How to make a sage and basil inhalation



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