Here’s How You Help A Friend With Depression

We all have trouble with mental health. Most of us have suffered from depression in some form or another. But what about your friend? Have you ever had to help them with their depression? It can completely put your life on hold.

Today, we're going to be talking about Ways You Can Help A Friend With Depression. Should you listen to them more? What about exercising with them once in a while? Where does therapy come in? We're talking all this AND more…

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It’s often pretty hard to tell if someone’s depressed. People are very good at masking their emotions. You’ve probably done it before. But, there are a few personality changes you’ll pick up on if you look closely.

For one, their outlook on life will be a lot more negative. People with depression often develop a very grim view of the world. If you have a friend who thinks they’re depressed, pay attention to their choice of words. “Everything’s going to crap… Who cares about anything anymore?” It’s like everything you love, they hate all of the sudden. This level of pessimism ends up only driving people away from them, dragging them deeper into a state of depression.

Addressing your friend’s depression is tricky. You don’t want to come off too confrontational, because then they might just run. Either that, or they’ll freak out on you. Just ease into the conversation. Casually ask them a question… “How are you doing? Are you feeling okay? I’ve noticed some of the things you’ve been saying. Is there something you want to talk about?”

From here, they will either open up to you, or completely dismiss it. If they do in fact decide to talk to you, engage in active listening…

Active listening makes a world of difference. It allows you to express your concerns to someone struggling with depression symptoms. If a person with depression wants to talk about their thoughts and feelings, it’s important to concentrate, understand, and respond to what they have to say. With active listening, you build trust. Over time, you may be able to help your friend work through their issues. You can ask questions to get more information instead of just assuming you understand everything.

If they don’t feel like talking when you first ask, it’s good to let them know you still care.
Just don’t be too pushy. Keep asking questions and expressing your concern. Try to have conversations in person whenever possible. If you live in different areas, maybe do a Zoom chat.

So what are some other ways you can help your friend? Well, research shows a direct link between exercise and treating depression. Inviting someone to go running or workout at the gym with you may help them feel better. Sometimes it’s good for them to have the adrenaline rush. Other times, it’s just good for them to spend time with another person, physical activity or not. Regular exercise helps ease depression by releasing endorphins. These are pain killing chemicals naturally produced by your body.

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