Here’s What You’re Addicted To Based On Your Zodiac Sign



As we continue to seek comfort in the stars, astrology remains essential among those who believe the alignment of the planets can influence our psychologies or the events in our lives.

Studies show that millennials are most likely to obsessively look at their horoscopes to understand the various aspects of their personalities as well as others. According to a study completed by the National Science Foundation, 58 percent of 18 to 24-year-old Americans believe astrology is scientific and the skepticism of astrology is decreasing.

A great conversation starter, asking “what’s your sign?” can lead to discussions about our best and worst characteristics, or our romantic compatibility with other signs. There are few things more addictive than reading a horoscope that is spot-on. But aside from astrology, what else can’t you get enough of? Let’s find out…


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