Here’s Why You Should Put a Potato in Your Shoe

We recently saw some uncommon uses for potatoes here on the channel, did you watch it?! No?! Then, watch the suggested video to see it.

In that video, we mentioned that potatoes can be used to clean shoes, did you know it?

Shoes made of waterproof material, rubber soles, or even sued can be cleaned by rubbing a raw potato over the dirty areas. Isn't it interesting?

But we also found that you can put a potato inside your shoes. Have you ever heard about this?

Isn't it annoying when you buy new shoes and, when you finally wear them, they are a little tight?

While trying them at the store, everything was fine, but as soon as you put them on in your house, your toes and heels start complaining.

Oh, no! What to do now? Luckily, we have a solution. To break in a new shoe, you need both filling and humidity.

Some people like using wet newspapers, but that doesn't always work.

Potatoes are way firmer than paper and never crumple, even if the shoes are too tight.

Besides, most people already have a sack of potatoes at home, right?

So, why not using them for breaking in your shoes?

Isn't it amazing? Try it if you don't believe that this cheap trick can really help you.



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