Here’s Why You Should Put Aluminum Foil On The Edge Of Your Candle

Are you a candle lover? Then you’ve probably been frustrated when your candle refuses to melt all the way around. When you’re burning candles, you might see that only a tiny portion of the wax burns most of the time. The candle burns unevenly, and the flame tends to burrow down like a tunnel. This is called candle tunneling.

In today’s video, we will talk about ways to prevent candle tunneling. It features a simple trick with the help of aluminum foil. Should you put it on the edge of your candle? What’s the hairdryer method? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Why Candle Tunneling Happens And Why It’s Bad? – 00:33
Aluminum Foil – 01:40
Hairdryer Method – 02:28
Use Candle Toppers – 03:21
Prevent Candle Tunneling – 04:03


Why Candle Tunneling Happens And Why It’s Bad?
One of the big disadvantages of candle tunneling is total burn time. As the tunneling continues, the wick can end up going deeper into the wax. The result is a lack of oxygen for the flame and the candle goes out. Candle tunneling can happen because you haven’t let the new candle burn long enough the first time you light it. Ideally, you should let the candle burn for three to four hours the first time it’s lit.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil is one of the most effective ways to prevent candle tunneling. All you have to do is wrap some aluminum foil around the candle’s outside edge. While wrapping the foil, make sure it is reaching out over the tunneled wax. Make sure it’s still open in the center. Otherwise, the flame won’t get the oxygen it needs to burn.

Hairdryer Method
Aluminum foil is a great way to get rid of candle tunneling. But it's not the only way. You can also use your hairdryer to fix the issue. With this method, you need to first trim the wick. You should also remove any of the wax debris that has formed once the candle has been used. Put your hairdryer to the highest setting.

Use Candle Toppers
They act in the same way as aluminum foil. Only, these candle toppers usually come with intricate designs. Candle toppers are essentially metal lids that are open on the top. This allows the flame of the candle to still burn. At the same time, the lid protects your candle from the wind.

Prevent Candle Tunneling
There are certain things you can do to make sure the tunneling doesn’t happen at all. For instance, you should make sure the wick of your candle is trimmed regularly. This allows the wick to remain straight and not stray while it’s lit. You should also make sure the candle is nowhere near a window or in the line of a draft. The wind makes the candle flame flicker. This causes uneven burning of wax and you end up with candle tunneling.

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