Here’s Why You Should Put Garlic Under Your Pillow

Have you ever put garlic under your pillow? I’m serious. People do it. No, not to fight off vampires. We’re not even opening up that door. Believe it or not, there are practical reasons why people do it. Garlic has some really powerful health benefits. It’s been used forever. Here’s Why You Should Put Garlic Under Your Pillow.

Does it help you sleep? Will it get rid of your stuffy nose? Wait, can garlic really scare insects away? We’re talking about all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Garlic Scares Off Insects – 00:31
Garlic Can Help You Sleep – 01:49
Garlic Can Boost Your Immune System – 04:19
Garlic Can Rid You of Your Stuffy Nose – 06:15


1. Garlic Scares Off Insects
Nobody wants creepy insects in their bed. Depending where you are in the world, they creepy crawlies you find in your bed will vary. For a lot of the bugs you’re facing, garlic can help repel them, especially mosquitoes.

2. Garlic Can Help You Sleep
Have you been getting the right amount of snooze time lately? My guess is probably not. Life can be so hectic, we often don’t get enough hours to rest our heads. A recent study found that a third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. It’s recommended that adults get around 7 hours a night just to function properly. Well, guess what, garlic can help in this arena as well.

3. Garlic Can Boost Your Immune System
Told ya! Yes, garlic can help with your immune system. You’ve probably heard throughout the last year how important it is to maintain healthy immunity. It’s what stands between you and catching a cold or a virus. There are so many foods that can boost your immune system’s strength. I mean place your vegetable of choice on the dotted line. But garlic is special.

4. Garlic Can Rid You Of Your Stuffy Nose
Alright, this is not quite the life threatening sickness we were building it up to be. But a stuffy nose can ruin your day. Sometimes your week. A stuffy nose serves as a distraction. It’s enough to make you want to scrap all your work for the day, and quit. But what does garlic do?

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