High Protein Vegetables You Need To Eat For Gaining Muscle Mass

Do you dream of getting big and brawny like that? Well… those chiseled curves don't come easy. Sweating out in the weight room and eating a protein filled diet hold the power of bulking you up. Since most weightlifters rely on slabs of meat for protein a vegetarian may feel pretty lost. But not anymore…

Today's video is going to be a treat for vegetarians who are struggling to put on some muscle mass. How often do you eat mung bean sprouts and hemp hearts? Does eating edamame help? We are discussing all that and more.

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How much protein do you actually need?
Your body needs 0.36 grams of protein per pound to sustain. That means if you are a 180-pound person with a sedentary lifestyle, somewhere around 65 grams of proteins would be sufficient for your body.

One amazing plant source of protein is spinach.
Remember how a tin of spinach was enough to bulk up the biceps of Popeye? Well, turns out spinach can do the same for you. One cup of cooked spinach contains a little more than 5 grams of protein.

Want to know the secret for making your creamed spinach ultra-nutritious? Just add mushrooms!
Most vegans trust this protein source as they are jam-packed with fiber, Selenium, Potassium, Vitamin D, and other minerals. A hundred grams of white mushrooms contain around 3 grams of proteins.

Missing sausages and salami? Get this- Eating lots of processed meat can put you at risk of cancer. But you know what wouldn't? A bowl of edamame!
This simple and hearty snack is satisfying and energizing. Edamame is baby soya beans in a pod that can be boiled or steamed before eating. The Japanese boil them in saltwater and enjoy them as a snack or a side dish.

Pick Broccoli over beef.
One cup of broccoli can give about 3 grams of protein. It has a noteworthy amount of water along with vitamin K, C, and fiber. The iron, selenium, and B vitamins make it a wholesome source of nutrition.

Flexing those biceps can also be made easy by mustard greens.
A quick midweek dinner can be partnered with this green leafy vegetable. One cup of this cooked green goodness can fill you up on an entire day's Vitamin A requirement.

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