Home Remedies for Breast Infection (Mastitis)

In today's video, you will learn 2 natural recipes to alleviate mastitis.

Mastitis is an infection in the breast tissue that can cause sensitivity, pain, and redness in one or both breasts.

It generally affects breastfeeding women, but sometimes it can happen due to other infections unrelated to breastfeeding.

It can be followed by malaise, episodes of fever, and symptoms similar to those of a common cold.

Mastitis happens when a milk duct gets clogged, which allows the growth of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, that enter the body through the nipples.

Although it doesn't offer any risks for the baby, mastitis can hinder breastfeeding due to the discomfort it causes for the mother.

For this reason, besides following medical advice, you should consider some natural treatments that help alleviate mastitis and fight its symptoms.

See now the 2 best homemade medicines for mastitis!

Cabbage compress
Apple cider vinegar

Besides these 2 natural medicines for mastitis, you can, and should, massage the inflamed breast.

Attention: Remember to clean your nipples with warm water before feeding your baby. Although it can be painful, it is important to keep breastfeeding even with mastitis to avoid retaining more milk and proliferating more bacteria.

If the woman decides to not breastfeed, she should pump and store the milk to help alleviate the symptoms of inflammation.

Try these natural medicines and share your experience with us.

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