Homemade Laundry Detergent to Wash Black Clothes

Learning how to make liquid soap to wash your clothes is a simple way of making your daily life more sustainable.

Avoiding washing powder and conventional dish soaps, chlorine-based ones, is important to your health and the environment.

Anyone who wears black or dark clothes know that they tend to fade as we wash them. Besides, they also get white.

To solve this annoying little problem, let's learn how to make a natural, homemade soap to wash your dark clothes.

This recipe cleans while keeping the original color of the fabrics, besides helping remove those whitish stains. How cool is that?

Now, let's see some tips to keep your dark and black clothes:

– Don't let the clothes soak for more than 30 minutes;
– Avoid mixing black clothes with colorful ones, as they can stain;
– Don't use hot water to wash dark clothes, as it makes them fade. Always use cold water;
– Avoid using washing powder since the particles can get impregnated into the tissues, causing white stains.

So, did you like this recipe? Try it and share your experience with us.

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0:38 Homemade laundry detergent to wash black clothes
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